Help support the maker community. 2024 will be a 2 day event and sponsors will reach thousands of people.

We are seeking sponsors to help continue to grow this DIY extravaganza in our community. Hundreds of Makers and thousands of attendees of all ages will participate in exciting exhibitions, demonstrations, and hands-on activities. We would love to include your business in this exciting event.

Join us in becoming a vital part of an electrifying event! With over 100 dynamic exhibitors and a bustling crowd of over 1600 attendees, our event transforms 50,000 square feet of space into a vibrant showcase of innovation and creativity. As a sponsor, your brand will have the unparalleled opportunity to engage with our diverse audience and leave a lasting impression at one of the most eagerly anticipated gatherings of the year.

Additional Opportunities

Stage Sponsor: ($1000)

Being a stage sponsor means your company takes center stage, receiving promotion with every scheduled spot over our two-day event. It’s about seizing the spotlight and amplifying your brand’s presence in the heart of the action. Partnering with dynamic presenters to deliver engaging talks and demonstrations, you shape the atmosphere and leave a lasting impression on all who attend. From infusing creativity into every moment to fostering connections with diverse audiences, stage sponsors play a pivotal role in making the event truly memorable.

Tinker Space Sponsor: ($1000)

Being a tinker space sponsor means championing hands-on creativity and innovation at our event. Your sponsorship brings to life dynamic workshop areas where attendees can explore, experiment, and create. From woodworking to electronics, attendees engage in immersive experiences, gaining valuable skills and insights. As the sponsor of this hub of innovation, your brand empowers attendees to unleash their creativity, fostering a vibrant atmosphere of exploration and discovery throughout the event.

Lanyard Sponsor: ($2000)

Being the lanyard sponsor means your brand is front and center, making a lasting impression from the moment attendees arrive. Your sponsorship ensures that every participant wears your branded lanyard, serving as a constant reminder of your support and presence throughout the event. As attendees navigate the bustling venue, your logo will be prominently displayed, reinforcing your brand’s visibility and recognition among industry peers. Your sponsorship not only provides practicality but also serves as a powerful marketing tool, maximizing exposure and leaving a memorable mark on all who attend.

Competition Prizes:

Each year, we host a variety of thrilling competitions, including FIRST Robotics, Combat Robots, and Drone Racing. Continuing our tradition, we offer opportunities for sponsors to contribute prizes for these events. As we plan for the upcoming 2024 festivities, we invite you to join us in maintaining this tradition. If you’re interested in sponsoring prizes for our competitions, we’ll gladly match you with the appropriate event and ensure winners receive their rewards. Additionally, stage time can be arranged for your sponsorship acknowledgment.

Maker Social Party Sponsor : (Saturday Night)

Being the party sponsor means setting the stage for an unforgettable evening of celebration and camaraderie at our event. As the heartbeat of Saturday night between the two days of excitement, your sponsorship ensures that exhibitors and VIPs come together for an evening of networking and fun. From lively music to delectable refreshments, attendees will enjoy a memorable social experience, allĀ  Thanks to your brand’s support. Your sponsorship brings people together, fostering valuable connections and creating lasting memories that extend far beyond the event itself. Get ready to ignite the party atmosphere and leave a lasting impression on all who attend!

Program Ad Space

Elevate your visibility and impact by adding or upgrading an ad in our event program. With options ranging from 1/8 to full-page sizes, you can tailor your message to maximize engagement and reach your target audience effectively. Plus, sponsors with levels that include ad space in their package can upgrade and use the included size as credit for the upgrade, allowing for even greater customization and impact. Whether you’re looking to highlight a special promotion, showcase your latest products, or simply increase brand awareness, our program ads offer a prime opportunity to stand out among attendees.

Don’t miss this chance to make a memorable impression at our event!

1/8 Page – $125
1/4 Page – $245
1/2 Page – $480
Full Page – $900