Maker Faire Orange County Meetups

We love getting together and learning, sharing, and making together! We host a meetup about once per month on a wide range of subjects. For every subject we have a wide range of experiences and its fun to hear them all. So regardless if you have never tried the subject or are an expert working in the craft on a daily basis, we would love for you to join us.

Meetups are free and never require a financial commitment to join us. We do sell tickets if you are interested in winning prizes and supporting the meetups. The ticket money is spent on the prizes for the month, snacks, and drinks.


Every meetup we offer 2 ways to win. At every meetup we try to have a little prize you can win when you buy a ticket. When you show up at the meetup, find Ethan, and have him scan your ticket to activate your entry. Must be present to win. At the end of the meetup, we enter all the activated tickets in to a wheel and give it a spin.

The second way to win a prize is by simply attending. Even if you did not purchase a ticket, simply being at a meetup qualifies you to fill out a meetup entry and put it in the box. At Maker Faire, we will open the box, pick a name, and hand out prizes. These prizes will be much larger from some of our sponsors! Come to every meetup and increase your odds with an entry every time!

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