Maker Faire Orange County Meetups

We love getting together and learning, sharing, and making together! We host a meetup about once per month on a wide range of subjects. For every subject we have a wide range of experiences and its fun to hear them all. So regardless if you have never tried the subject or are an expert working in the craft on a daily basis, we would love for you to join us.

Meetups are free and never require a financial commitment to join us. We do sell tickets if you are interested in winning prizes and supporting the meetups. The ticket money is spent on the prizes for the month, snacks, and drinks.


Every meetup we have a card to fill out for a chance to win prizes at MFOC later in the year.  In 2023 we gave away 3D printers, gift cards and other prizes!  The only requirement is you are present at giveaway time.  You get an entry at every meetup, so increase your chances and hang out with us every month!

At some meetups we are lucky enough to have prizes to win at the meetup.  Prizes are raffled off to anyone that contributes to our meetup fund by buying a ticket to the meetup.  As stated above, a ticket is NOT required to attend but if you do purchase one, we thank you for helping us pay for snacks and drinks and a prizes.