Makers Manual

Thank you for wanting to be part of Maker Faire OC. This page is covers many of the common questions about exhibiting at the event, and helps us stay organized as we coordinate with all the makers.

These details should not change, however we recommend checking this page in the days leading up to the event for any small changes. We will always be sure to highlight any changes that are made as best we can.

If you do not see your question answered here, please reach out to us at Please include your exhibit and team name in the email to help us locate your exhibit.

Exhibit Spaces

  • Our standard exhibit space is approximately at 10’x10’ space. In some locations, the building structure against walls may protrude into the space. We are doing our best to minimize these occurrences.
  • By default we provide one 6’ or 8′ table and one folding chair per exhibit. You are welcome to bring your own tables / chairs so you have the exact configuration you need. If you require multiple tables / more chairs for a hands-on exhibit, etc., please email us (with your exhibit name) at
  • We provide power to all interior spaces however it may not be located within your space. We strongly recommend bringing a 25’ extension cord and a power strip to ensure you have what you need where you need it.Currently we are unsure if we will have internet service provided. We recommend bringing a cellular device / hotspot as a backup if you require internet access for your exhibit.
  • Outdoor Exhibits are covered by a roof and gates at each end. The majority of the day your Exhibit will be out of the sun/rain. Fire code does not allow for a tent to be setup as the space is still considered a “building”.
  • Your location will be assigned to you in the weeks leading up to the event. The preference you selected on your application will be strongly considered. If we are unable to provide you with your preference, we will reach out and discussion options with you directly.
  • If you would like to coordinate an “event” outside your space at some point throughout the day, please contact us to discuss the details.

Load-in & Load-out

Load-in Day:

On Friday 9/9/2022, we will have the doors open from 10am – 6pm to setup your space. You will not have much time before we open the doors to attendees on 9/10, so we highly encourage you to configure your space on the 9th. You will have 1 hour on 9/10 to finish any final touches before we let attendees in. If you are going to need assistance with anything, please let us know and we will attempt to coordinate volunteers to help you. For a fee, access to fork lift or scissor lift is also available. Please submit those requests no later than 9/1/2022.


Both buildings have a large roll up door for easy access. You will be allowed to pull to the door for a short period of time while you unload. Before pulling up to the door, please check with the door coordinator as there will be a lot of traffic. If your exhibit is “outdoor” the gate will be opened and the same rule applies. Once everything is out of the vehicle, please move it to a parking spot away from the building before moving into your space.

Check in and Event Badges:

Before you start working on your space, you must check in at the Maker Check In table. You will be provided 3 maker badges to staff your booth. If you plan to have more than 3 people helping setup your exhibit, please let us know no later than 9/1/2022.


Load-out must occur AFTER the end of the event. Packing or leaving early without prior discussion and agreement may lead to your exhibit not being approved in subsequent years. Roll up doors will be opened after the event to allow for access. Vehicles may not be pulled to the doors during event hours. See door coordinator to schedule access. A short period of time will be provided after the event (8pm-10pm), and all makers must be completely moved out no later than 12 Noon on 9/11/2022. Buildings will be open from 8am-12 noon on 9/11/2022 for continued Load-out.


OC Fair & Event Center has a $10/day/vehicle parking fee. This includes Load-in day.

General Tips

  • Label your stuff! A roll of masking tape and a sharpie are very useful!
  • Bring more extension cords and power strips than you think you need. We will not have extras.
  • Tables will be bare, you might want a table cloth and/or skirt.
  • Bring helpers if you have heavy items. A few carts and dolly’s may be available, but expect they may be in use when you need them.
  • Test out everything in your exhibit during Load-in Day. Its much easier for us to help you fix an issue at that time.
  • Maker Exhibits will be on a shared circuit, be aware that while it is unlikely, your power may be affected by others in your area. If this is a critical concern, please let us know so we can adjust our plans.

Rules and Regulations

Area Managers: Each area of Maker Faire will have a designated Area Manager and Check In Station where you will check in on your arrival day. Your Area Manager will be available to answer any questions and assist you with your setup. Your Check In Station will have their contact information in case a need arises.


Breaks: Each Maker exhibit should be staffed at all times by you or a colleague. If you do not have an assistant and you need a short break, please notify the Area Manager and we will do our best to assist you in finding someone to watch your exhibit. If you need to be away from your exhibit for an extended period of time, please notify the Area Manager.


Electrical: During the event, if you have a problem with your power, please report it immediately to your Area Manager.  They will be able to radio in for the electrician to help.


Child Safety: Maker Faire is a family event. We appreciate your assistance in keeping Maker Faire a safe environment for the children attending the event. For safety purposes, we request that children under the age of 15 not be on the Maker Faire floor during setup or teardown hours. During Maker Faire, if your exhibit has hazardous materials or has elements of concern, please take the time to inform parents and children of safe practices for your exhibit.


Pets: For the safety and well being of our four-legged friends, please leave your pets at home. There are loud noises, many moveable parts, fire elements, and large crowds, all of which do not create a safe environment for pets.


Emergency: In the event of a medical emergency, notify your Area Manager, security personnel, or anyone with a radio or walkie-talkie. They will contact the on-site EMT personnel. If someone dials 911 from their cell phone, the above procedure still needs to be followed for the best possible care, as this will expedite the response of medical assistance.

In the event of a security emergency, notify your Area Manager, security personnel, or anyone with a radio.


Evacuation: Should the need to evacuate arise, staff and visitors will be notified by Security Personnel. Stay calm. Immediately stop any demonstrations or presentations. Do not try to dismantle your exhibit. Even if you cannot see any obvious reason for the alarm calmly make your way to the nearest exit, encouraging others to follow you outside. Once outside, move away from buildings and keep emergency access routes clear. When the necessary authorities deem it safe to reenter the buildings and facility, Makers will be granted access prior to members of the public.


As a guest of the OC Fair & Event Center, we must abide by all rules and regulations they have established.

  • No drilling of holes, attaching to, or painting of the floor, or any other defacement to floors or walls. When such damage occurs, the Maker is solely responsible and is liable to the owner of the property.
  • Signage and/or decorations may not be taped, nailed, tacked, stapled, or otherwise fastened to any wall, ceiling, column, stone, window, drape, or painted surface in any area inside the building or on the premise without advance permission.
  • No tents are allowed in any building.
  • Exit and Aisles: Aisles must be kept clear of all displays and equipment. Entrance and exit doors shall remain unobstructed at all times.
  • Hazardous material must be disclosed. All hazardous materials must be properly disposed of. Materials such as grout, mortar, tape compound, etc. cannot be poured down the facility drains. The facility will not accept dumped building materials or electronic waste; you are responsible for the removal of these items.
  • Exhibit storage cartons and crates, combustible waste materials, empty cardboard boxes, etc. must be removed from the building.  All building materials, supplies, etc. must be taken away after teardown. The facility will not accept dumped building materials or electronic waste; you are responsible for the removal of these items.
  • Propane and Helium will not be permitted without prior review and approval.
  • Food Makers need to comply with all Health Code Regulations and cannot serve samples unless arrangements have been made for permission to do so.
  • OCreate LLC staff reserves the right to restrict exhibits, displays, demonstrations, presentations, or workshops that become objectionable because of noise, method of operations, materials, safety, or any other reason.
  • The State Fire Marshall reserves the right to make any final decision regarding the layouts and floor plans and has the authority to close down and/or fine any exhibit not in compliance.